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Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets can be found in various designs. In general, wooden pallets are used for heavier products in a one-way flow.


Strong and durable
Suitable for storing in racks
Proven to be a reliable load carrier
Less expensive than other pallet materials
Easy to repair, as they are made with various boards which can be removed and replaced if broken or as necessary Can be resold Materials for the pallet can be collected from recycled materials Can be recycled into mulch and paper Quick and easy to construct Have high friction compared to plastic and metal pallets

Compressed wood pallet

Compressed wood pallet blocks are manufactured by compressing wood chips/ saw dust under high pressure and temperature. Compressed wooden Blocks are durable with a very high density of compressed wood chips. These pallet blocks provide twice the nail-gripping strength of standard wood blocks. These compressed wooden blocks are Biodegradable and environmental friendly.


Superior Product Protection
Twice the Nail retention strength
Improved Dimensional Consistency
22% less Water Absorption
Meets ISPM 15 and all Phyto Sanitary Regulations
No SIREX treatment Required
No Mould or Insect Damage

Plywood Boxes

The plywood pallet is perfect for holding light to medium weight products that need a strong and durable packaging option.


Quite strong even though they weigh very little
Perfect for shipping and transportation
Minimal moisture absorption
Plywood has a smooth, clean surface
Suitable for rack stocking or layer stacking

Euro Collar

Pallet Collars are hinged at each corner so they can fold flat when not in use. They are readily available in standard sizes from our warehouse, or we can custom make to your exact requirements. They can be used in any warehouse racking system where a pallet is used.

Pallet Collars can stack on top of each other for independent storage so racking is not always necessary.

They are a simple and cost effective solution, reducing the risk of manual handling injuries.

The sides of the container are adjusted gradually as products are placed inside. This eliminates the need to bend over high bin sides.


• Long working life, strong, durable, re-usable, recyclable and eco friendly
• Space saving, collapsible and stackable.
• Prevent spillage and damage, ensuring that regular items are secured.
• Reduces fuel and CO2 levels by maximizing truck loads

Plywood Pallet

Lightweight Plywood Pallets

The plywood pallet is perfect for holding light to medium weight products that need a strong and durable packaging option.

Advantages • Quite strong even though they weigh very little
• Perfect for shipping and transportation
• Minimal moisture absorption
• Plywood has a smooth, clean surface
• Suitable for rack stocking or layer stacking

Collapsible Plywood Boxes/ Nail less Boxes

We offer a wide range of nail-less boxes, which are being used since the last many years in the various industry. We are very well known manufacturers of nail-less boxes for crank-shafts, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, fly wheels, engines and various other components.


Suitable for wide range of applications
Low weight and Less space
Less shipping costs
Easy to store and stack
Metal edges of galvanized steel provides extra strength and durability
Easy and quick to assemble and disassemble
Compliance to international Phytosanitary regulations for export Shipment
Custom sizes as per customers requirements.

Wooden Box

A wooden box is a container made of wood for storage or as a shipping container. Construction may include several types of wood; lumber (timber), plywood,engineered woods, etc. For some purposes, decorative woods are used.

Wooden Boxes and Their Storage Benefits

Wooden Boxes have been used from several years for storage needs. Wooden Boxes as storage means are the best way to give protection for the objects that are being stored as these boxes can’t be easily damaged or broken. Earlier Wooden Boxes were used just for storing clothes and other costly materials, but with the technological innovations, Wooden Boxes now cater as a piece of decorative object in living areas.

Storage Benefits Of Wooden Boxes

Used widely for storing needs of different objects, Wooden Boxes have a bunch of benefits as a storage material. Some storage benefits of Wooden Boxes are as follows.

• Wooden Boxes can be used for years as they are not easily breakable and can be used for longer times for storing different items.
• Wooden Boxes are used widely by shipping industries for safe delivery of imported and exported items.
• Small size Wooden Boxes are good to use in kitchen for storing different spices and other eatery items.
Having so many storage benefits, Wooden boxes come in different shape and sizes to suit different storage needs. Moreover, several wooden boxes have handles on either side for holding the box properly. One of the major advantages of Wooden Boxes is the facility of locks in such boxes to keep the storage material inside safe enough from damage or from its loss.
Catering diverse storage needs, many Wooden Box Manufacturers produce a wide range of Wooden Boxes for different storage needs. These Wooden Boxes have a range of colors and shape as per the storage requirement.


Maruthi & co., is facilitated with it’s own Heat treatment chamber for the purpose of controlling wood and forest pests which has become increasingly important in the wood trade with compliance to ISPM (International Standards for Phytosanitary measures). Our heat treatment meets the demands of ISPM-15 and has experience in meeting all the needs of the wood packaging producer and user. Our wooden pallets, crates and boxes are treated, marked and certified in accordance with its regulations before shipment.

Wooden Crates

Affordable prices. Choosing wooden crates is more affordable mainly because the cost is less to produce wooden crates. The materials used to construct wooden crates is simpler, more natural, and requires less processing; therefore your overall cost to manufacture and sell is less for wooden crates.

Simpler Natural Designs. Building a wooden crate requires far less investment in the manufacturing stage simply because the designs are more straightforward. This can be a huge saving for huge shipments that require large quantities of wooden crates. Wooden crates are quite easy and efficient to manufacture from a set design or from a customer’s custom design specs.

Secure and Sturdy. Because of the way that wooden crates are manufactured, it is more difficult for an unauthorized person to get in to them. This is an important factor especially if you are shipping fragile and valuable items. Wooden crates offer added security and protection. Wooden crates are also very stable and sturdy and will give the most fragile of items the protection and assurance of arriving at their destination un-damaged.

Stack Them Up! Wooden crates have thick walls that make the possibility of stacking a reality. They offer greater strength and durability and will withstand the weight of multiple rows. Wooden crates can withstand great vertical pressure if they are stacked correctly and with the weight evenly distributed.

Fewer Resources Required. During the manufacturing process, plywood uses multiple materials and equipment to be produced, including many very toxic glues and adhesives to enhance and facilitate the lamination process it undergoes. Wooden crates are just that.

No Toxic Ingredients. Again, wooden crates are completely natural. The wooden crates also can be heat treated to International ISPM 15 standards using a completely chemical-free heat process. Furthermore, cutting and working with wood products that are engineered exposes workers to toxic elements that can cause long term damage, as well as possibly leach into the shipment.

If you’re looking for some high quality shipping supplies, Maruthi can supply all of your wooden crate and pallet needs. Why take a chance? Call us today for your standard or custom made wooden pallets and crates!

Metal Pallet

Metal is virtually unbreakable, and when using with hazardous waste material our galvanized metal finishing limits your worries of chemical contamination. Another reason why our product can outperform any plastic pallet is that they can hold several thousand pounds of static weight without breaking or bending. The metal pallet is ideal for use in warehouse storage because they are stackable, and can hold almost any product; they are extremely useful when dealing with 55 gallon drums.

In closing, whatever your needs may be our revolutionary metal pallets will meet your product demands, and as our illustrations will show they will outlast any other pallet on the market today. We must also emphasize that there are only two real reasons for being reliable and successful in this business at all.

1. Our Pallets Work!
2. Our Pallets are Cost Effective!

It is important to note that there are several direct dollar costs that you save when purchasing metal pallets.
• Repair and maintenance expense.
• Product damage and breakage.
• Plant cleanliness.
• Related material handling cost saving (i.e., less damage to conveyors and forklift wheels, etc.)
• Fire and safety expense

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